Hotel Bonsai San Teodoro Sardegna

San Teodoro

A lovely village with flowery streets and spectacular sea

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The beaches

In San Teodoro you will be spoilt for choice between its spectacular beaches:

  • La Cinta , five kilometres of fine white beach with crystal clear sea;
  • Cala Brandinchi with its white coast and turquoise sea, which continues on to Lu Impostu ;
  • the breathtaking beauty of s’Isuledda with its infinite shades of blue;
  • Capo Coda Cavallo with its granite headland;
  • and the beautiful island of Tavolara with its protected marine area.
The beaches Hotel Bonsai

The centre

San Teodoro is a lively village where you can feel the special atmosphere.
The town centre is loved and brought to life by young people. Among its narrow streets you will find shops, stalls, artists and craftsmen.

To see:

  • the Museo del Mare (The Sea Museum), an archaeological museum housing finds from our seabed
  • the ancient parish church in honour of the martyr Teodoro d’Amasea
The centre Hotel Bonsai